Teaching sculpture classes in San Diego, Barbara uses the proven long established method that begins with the basic classical proportions, applying anatomy at the student's level, and then moving on to personal style. Figurative sculpture classes are tailored to the individual's goals and abilities. Realism is the foundation from which a student can deviate. Every style is supported in the classroom.

Art has movement, emotion, and commentary. The choosing of a pose to create these elements in addition to concepts of negative and positive space, balance, and mass are addressed in short lectures. Demonstrations are given to the class and to the individual student.

There will be Instruction on how to build a sturdy sculpture armature for standing poses.


Sculpture of the figure

Barbara's Sculpture styles are Realistic, Impessionistic, and humorous. The figure is her primary subject.


She begins in wet or oil clay. Finished pieces are in Bronze, fired clay, and Hydrostone. The subject of her statues are the female figure and male figure.


Philosophy: “The human body is already a work of art . I then consider the essence and energy of the model and create changes to suit my own preference and vision. Each figure, regardless of body type, is sensual, grounded and has volume.  I want the viewer to contemplate shape, movement, and mood.” 

sculpture of a portrait


Live demo for the National Academy of Design Museum,

New York City


Showing By appointment. 619-922-6191


Museum The Butler Institute. The collection of American artists. museum website

Sculpture class